Акростих на английском языке

Акростих на английском языке

  1. горючее
  2. Diving into the shadowy waters.
    Obediently following the king of the sea.
    Lightly hovering behind the reef.
    Pleading their children to come with them.
    Hissing a song to their young.
    In helping their injured young.
    No smooth edges on the coral reef rock.
    Shimmering in the distance comes the shark. Oh no!! Do you know what happens next?

    Furious frogs,
    Ribbit, ribbit in a lovely way,
    Observing prey,
    Goggle eyes watching a buzzing fly,
    Slimy sloth waiting for that fly.

    Special bowling ball.
    Presented to the King hedgehog.
    Incredible hedgehog saw a
    Expecting to eat some of them.

    Jiggle jaggly jellyfish,
    Escaping from fishing nets.
    Leaping from rock to rock.
    Licking lollypops.
    Yellow jellyfish.
    Fighting against the shark,
    In the deep blue sea.
    Swimming all around,
    Hardly making a sound.

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